Domain registration

Your website’s domain is the most crucial decision to take, before the start of development.

How to choose the right domain

Choosing an appropriate domain name can be time consuming and tedious, but if you follow the guidelines mentioned below, you will most probably come up with some options that meet your requirements :

  • Try finding a domain name that is as small and simple as possible, to achieve the most accurate verbal transmissions
  • Seek domain names that describe your website’s content. This way you will achieve much better ranking results for your website (SEO)
  • It’s preferable to choose a local domain for the originating country of your website’s targeted visitors
  • Prior to your final decision, you should research for as many options as you may think of. Create a list with the best domain name options and allow some time (at least one day) until you decide what’s the best domain for your website

What to be aware of when registering a domain

It’s important to emphasize that a domain registration should be performed by a reliable company, offering some minimum guarantees for good business practices. Otherwise, if changes occur regarding the company status, the domain name transfer to another company’s jurisdiction (e.g. in case of a website migration) might become unfeasible.

In istogram, we only cooperate with leading domain registrars, to offer the best possible domain name proposals and prices!


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