Reliability : a major factor for business partnerships

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Your website's domain name is much more than just the address of your company, on the world wide web.

The proper selection

In order to represent your business online your first concern is, naturally, the proper selection of your website's domain name. The search and selection of a suitable company that will undertake the formal procedures, including the registration of the domain name you chose, is your next step. The search criteria of your business partner usually involve a potential connection with someone from the company, or the competitive pricing they seem to offer. Your prime consideration, though, should always be the factor of this company's reliability.

What a possible closure means

The closure of a business involves immediate freeze of all business processes. In most cases it also means complete cessation of business communication with the outside world. The migration of your website and its registered domain name is still possible, under one condition : the domain name must not be locked. The release of the domain name is only possible by the company you chose to undertake the registration. Hence, the unavailability of communication with the company that registered your domain name, implies cease of the portability of your domain name to the jurisdiction of another company.

The incalculable consequences

The consequences of such a case are numerous and have negative effects on your business image. E-mail addresses at your initial domain name will no longer be valid. Printed material that mentioned your initial domain name should be replaced. Search engines will refer to the initial domain name that in many cases, while remaining active, will no longer direct visitors to your website. The migration of the website to a new domain name requires additional time for proper search engine optimization, which you may had achieved with a lot of effort for your initial domain.

Before choosing your business partner that will undertake the digital representation of your business, you should review your selection criteria and place the factor of "reliability" in a prominent position.

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