About us

Istogram was founded by Chrysostomos Zampetakis (MSc Pure Mathematics) and began its activities on 2011, in the fields of e-learning and website design and development.

Our niche

From its first steps, istogram set out to establish itself in the field of website development and administration as well as in the emerging field of synchronous and asynchronous distance learning, providing integrated solutions and services and supporting its operation with a detailed documentation of the technologies involved.

Our practices

In istogram we implement our projects, solely using open source software, so as to offer the most customizable and scalable solutions on highly competitive prices, without any of the constraints involved in the use of proprietary software.

Our philosophy

In istogram we view the implementation of each individual project as a challenge, hence we treat each project as one of our very own. Our passion for creation of elegant as well as functional websites and e-learning platforms, contributing to the overall development of the world wide web, helps us to work hard and with loyalty, aiming to success, through the success of the projects we implement.

This site is owned and operated by Chrysostomos Zampetakis.


  • Synchronous learning
  • Asynchronous learning
  • OpenCourses
  • iTeach.gr

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