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Do not just focus on your website design, consider and evaluate its overall performance.

 A website’s performance in page loading times is a critical factor for its sustainability.

In a blazing fast web environment, users tend to disregard slow loading websites, meaning a significant reduction in both traffic and sales.

Furthermore, Google does not particularly like slow performance websites, resulting to lower ranking positions in search engine result pages.

What a high performance website needs

Some of the most crucial factors for a website’s performance are :

  • the amount of content on the homepage
  • the size of photos and images
  • the use of external stylesheet and Javascript files
  • the settings and the response time of the server hosting the website

How to evaluate your website’s performance

One of the most reliable and commonly accepted ways to evaluate your website’s performance is testing it with a tool like GTMetrix. In case the testing results are below the average, it is important to act immediately, aiming to improve the website performance.

What you can do, immediately :

  • check how many websites are hosted on the same server
  • check the server response time, using the ‘ping’ command
  • reduce the size of the photos, using one of the freely available tools

To see a substantial improvement of performance you will need to :

In istogram we are proud for having a fast loading website, which proves our potential for substantial improvement of performance for your own website, as well!


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