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Equip your website with an affordable and reliable SSL certificate to obtain maximum security.

SSL certificates ensure the privacy of your website’s visitor connections, preventing possible data interceptions by third parties.

Why you need a SSL certificate

In e-commerce applications, where the storage of a visitor’s personal data (such as credit card numbers) may be necessary, a SSL certificate is a prerequisite for the implementation of the project.

Furthermore, Google rewards the websites equipped with SSL certificates and considers them safer, hence more reliable for the users.

How much does a SSL certificate cost

Until recently, SSL certificates were being issued only by companies involved in chains of reliable certification authorities. Depending on the reliability of each company, the certificates have a cost starting at 100 € per year and is reaching enormous figures for the budget of a small business.

As of now, the situation has changed significantly, in favor of small businesses, due to the development of Let’s Encrypt, a new and reliable certification authority, that provides SSL certificates for end-users at no cost!

Being Open Source enthusiasts, we naturally embraced the project of Let’s Encrypt, by issuing SSL certificates for all our major projects, thus improving their reliability and securing their ranking positions.

Get in touch with us now, as we can guide you for the installation of a SSL certificate on your own website, in the most affordable manner and without any compromise, regarding reliability.


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