Open source software for small-medium business

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Many small businesses are reluctant to make the transition to Linux operating system and the open source software based on it.

However, Linux provides security, stability and better management of resources, to a much greater extent than other operating systems.

There are many different distributions of Linux, most of which are completely customizable to the needs of each company and available for free. Meanwhile, all distributions may be further enriched with open source software that covers various needs of a modern enterprise.

Cloud technologies

Cloud technologies provide great flexibility in the automation of a business, as they provide a centralized platform for many useful applications, such as file and calendar sharing, data storage syncing services, file encryption and backup procedures. Today, all cloud technologies are based on open source software.

Business promotion

A business wishing to promote its products and services with promotional video, is no longer obliged to invest large funds for the purchase of specialized software. Creating video files is now possible with open source software, that combines ease of use and sophisticated functionality.

Website development

The promotion of a business on the web is a "sine qua non" for the development of a successful business strategy, a guarantee for a long-term perspective. Today, more than ever, small businesses tend to prefer open source software for their website development, as it provides scalability, ease of management and continuous updates.

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