Differences between a website and a blog

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A common question that is addressed by many new internet users is about the differences between a website and a blog. 

The term "blog" comes from the abbreviation of "web log", and describes a "diary" of posts that can include text, photos or multimedia files. In a blog layout the posts can be showed either in chronological order or by category. Nowadays, a large range of free services is offered, for creating and hosting a blog, a fact that raises reasonable questions for the need of a website. The most basic differences in the potential of a website are described below:

  • Choice of the most suitable content management system to build and update the website. While all free blog services are provided "as is", a website can be built upon any platform that covers your needs in the most suitable way. 
  • Configuration of your website's design according to your needs and your aesthetic, as opposed to the free blog creation services that provide a limited number of pre-designed templates to customize your blog.
  • Choice of the full domain name, in contrast to the free blog services which only allow the selection of the initial part of the domain name.
  • A website can accommodate large volumes of data, as opposed to the free blog services which are limited to a storage providement of a few GB.
  • Scalability of the website for further coverage of your needs, such as creation of a knowledge base, creation of web forums, creation and management of personal Cloud services, etc.
  • Increased data security on a website.

Flexibility in design and construction, expandability and data security are the most substantial advantages of a website versus a blog.

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