6 reasons not to choose a "free website"

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The word "free" always sounds very tempting, but in the case of a website it's unacceptable.

Let's see why:

1. Time

So, you need a website, you have taken all the necessary steps to collect the material and you want your website published immediately. What you certainly want to avoid is losing valuable time, by looking at hundreds of design templates to choose the one to use. Even when you find the template that suits you, it will take time to adjust it to your requirements, if possible.

2. Skills

To properly configure your website you need various skills, from photo editing and video encoding up to knowing the appropriate code pages for proper text display in all languages​​. Perhaps you should reconsider whether it's worth it to look out for all this information, just to make a website of dubious quality.

3. Search engine optimization

You definitely want high traffic on your website, therefore you need high ranking in search engine results. In case the service you have selected does not provide you the ability to customize the metadata of your website, you will need to wait long enough to see your website listed in search engines.

4. Development prospects

A site with minimal content does not convince any visitor. Free design and hosting services provide you with very little storage space for your website's data and you will need to pay a lot of money in the future, to put just a few GBs of additional content.

5. Speed

Want a fast loading website? Then you should avoid hosting it along with thousands of other websites on the same server.

6. Not so free

You should already pay an annual fee for the domain registration and the website hosting. You should also pay to remove all the irrelevant ads. What about a future expansion of your website? Read thoroughly what lies behind the word "free", to find out that it's not as "free" as it sounds.


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