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These are the 5 top websites, content-wise, we love to browse on a daily basis!


Stumbleupon was made to put in order the huge number of available websites for each topic. By creating a user account, one can declare the desired topics and get a wide list of recommended websites that cover each aspect of those topics. The presentation of the proposed websites is based on a sophisticated evaluation system, by skilled and experienced users. Start using Stumbleupon right now! You will certainly be using it on a regular basis!


Lifehacker is probably the best information resource for applying the techniques and philosophy of creative hacking in every aspect of every day life. In lifehacker one can find technical articles and computer related guides up to practical tips for dealing with difficult situations at home or within your working environment. The articles of lifehacker stand out thanks to their simple style and technical precision.


RedmondPie can be regarded as one of the most comprehensive websites on technology related issues. Its strongest advantage, however, is the reliable information on jailbreaking, ie the process of obtaining administrative privileges on Apple mobile devices, such as the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad. If you want to unleash the full potential of your Apple mobile device, you should look no further than the jailbreaking guides at RedmondPie!

The wiki of Arch Linux

In istogram we are open source software fanatics, particularly when it comes to Linux. Arch Linux is the most innovative Linux distribution, as it provides the user the ability to build a system fully adapted to his needs. Its package manager, with the highly inspired name Pacman, is one of its many powerful features. Thanks to its large community, the wiki of Arch Linux is always up to date and provides detailed instructions for every possible use. This is a treasure trove of knowledge, indeed!


Majorgeeks remains one of the top websites for any technical issue on computers running Windows. The always up to date index of the best freeware picks as well as the comprehensive malware removal guides retain majorgeeks to the list with the most valuable information resources for ...geeks!


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